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Get Involved

SAGES is recruiting Peer Mentor Volunteers across Suffolk. These volunteers help support various groups in the community and develop links with wellbeing services. 

The Peer Mentors will be provided with training and support through Suffolk Mind and will have information on what support is available in their local area. 

What do our Peer Mentors say about volunteering for SAGES?

What I get from the volunteering is knowing that I can use my past experiences to help others and that not only benefits them but also me feeling that those experiences weren't for nothing and there is a lot of positives to come out of it. It is rewarding, and it has made me more confident to speak up about mental health in other aspects of my life and raise more awareness!
My SAGES volunteer work is very rewarding, and each week at Open Spaces brings something different.
What's great about Open Spaces is that everyone is welcome, and the meetings always feel friendly and accepting. People say they feel they can really be themselves there, and that the discussions, advice and support have helped them to gain more independence and self-confidence. So it's very fulfilling to be part of that, knowing that the work really does help people to feel happier in themselves.
My role is quite varied, and ranges from: helping to facilitate discussions in small groups; assisting attendees in their creative exploration; helping individual attendees to communicate ideas to their peers; taking small groups on mindfulness walks; and quite regularly helping attendees on a one-to-one basis when they need to talk about something on their mind.